Prevento offers property and casualty coverage to the owners of the apartments and houses of Akumal against the common risks as: Fire, Hydrometeorological Phenomena, Earthquake and Civil Liability as owner or holder of a home. Additionally, owners can obtain coverage against renters liability and damages caused by these type of temporary tenants.

Have you ever thought about how would you cover the expenses related to repairs to your apartment or how would you replace it in case of a serious damage caused by weather, negligence or other eventuality?

Why is it important to have Home Insurance?

Your house/apartment is one of your most valued possessions. It is the place you dreamed of your entire life.

That is why you need to have this investment covered in case of damage or total destruction. In Mexico, more than 96% of the houses are not insured. In places like the coast, the Home insurance is even more important because of the exposure to a higher weather related risk.

This type of products not only covers the damage to your property but also to your possessions, the civil liability for you and your family members and it covers your property in case of unintentional damage caused to other properties.

In Prevento we have dedicated agents to the owners of Akumal & Tulum. We are sure we can find a product right for your needs.

About Us

We are Prevento Agente de Seguros a 100% Mexican Insurance Broker with the vision of reaching excellence standards of service to each one of our customers.

We offer all kind of insurance for individuals and companies.

  1. Partners, directors and employees with more than 40 years of experience in the insurance industry
  2. More than 1,000 insured families
  3. More than 250 companies insured
  4. More than 40 million MXN paid in claims every year
  5. We serve and solve more than 450 individual claims every year
  6. We are located in Mexico City, Querétaro and Monterrey

We have a business relationship with:

GNP Seguros
GMX Seguros
AXA Seguros
HDI Seguros
ANA Seguros
Seguros Banorte
AIG Seguros
ABA Seguros
Seguros Atlas
Thona Seguros
XL Catlin
Insignia Life

The Akumal & Tulum designed product includes two options (in association with AXA and GMX Seguros):

Option 1:

Coverage against damage caused by events, such as:

  • Fire
  • Earthquake
Also hydrometeorological event, such as:
  • Hurricanes
  • Storms
  • Ray
  • Floods
  • Tsunami

Option 2:

Exactly the same than option 1 but without the coverage for Hydrometeorological events.

Important: neither of the two options includes civil liability for the damages caused to the tenants (this coverage is offered separately).

Additional Coverages:

We also offer coverage for temporary renters (sold separately from the property and casualty insurance options).

Temporary renters coverage includes:

  • Damages caused to the guest due to the temporary stay
  • Accidents caused inside the home by owner’s negligence
  • Damage to the tenant’s possessions
  • Accidents
  • Accidental death

Temporary renters coverage DOES NOT include:

  • Damages caused outside the rented house
  • Theft or loss of the temporary guest belongings

Worldwide coverage for civil liability for temporary renters

Sum Insured

10% per claim min
(USCy $250.00)

Total Premium
$388.60 USCy

Sum Insured

10% per claim min
(USCy $250.00)

Total Premium
$475.60 USCy

Sum Insured

10% per claim min
(USCy $250.00)

Total Premium
$620.60 USCy

Sum Insured

10% per claim min
(USCy $250.00)

Total Premium
$1,073.00 USCy

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